Planting in Oakland

For the Joy

of all People

in Jesus 

A Little About Me

My name is Gabe Garcia and I’m a graduate of UC Berkeley and Western Seminary. I’ve served as a pastor for twelve years in both Northern & Southern California; four of those years in a multi-ethnic context & church in South Sacramento. I’ve been married to my wife, Kari, for 13 years and have three kids (left to right) Ana, Micah, and Brandon. There are many challenges that come with starting a church and yet we’ve sensed God’s hand in calling, affirming, and creating a pathway toward planting a church in Oakland California.

Our Mission

To make & send joy-filled disciples of Jesus. 

Our Vision

To plant a gospel-centered, diverse, disciple-making church. 


The Centrality of the Gospel

The gospel is the good news of God’s redeeming love fulfilled in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Therefore, the gospel is central to all we do as we declare & display the life-changing realities of Christ in all areas of individual and corporate life.

The Necessity of the Church

God is drawing a diverse people to himself and this diverse people, the church, is a unified, gospel-centered, counter-cultural community who seeks to enjoy and obey God together. Therefore, we aim to celebrate and pursue the joy of our God-created unity in Christ, while committing ourselves to both God and one another.

The Power of Generosity

God is a generous God, every good gift coming from above. God's generous love for us is most clearly seen in the giving of His Son for our present and eternal good. Therefore, having received everything from God, we seek to generously use everything for God. We aim to be a people that are generous with our time, our homes, our finances and our very lives, all for the sake of advancing God's mission.

The Call to Compassion

God has placed us within a specific city, and we aim to impact this city for gospel good. Therefore, we seek to prayerfully find creative ways to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs in Oakland, especially those who are marginalized and at risk.

The Urgency of the Mission

God is actively orchestrating his mission through the faithful participation of his church as Spirit empowered ambassadors of Christ. Therefore, we aim to see every member on mission as a disciple-maker while working collectively to be a church-planting church to the Bay Area.

Why Oakland?

Today’s research suggest that the Bay Area is one of the most unchurched and dechurched areas of our country. And while it is tempting to believe we have enough churches, the reality is that most cities and communities need new churches to reach new people, different generations and unique people groups. Oakland is beautifully diverse, culturally vibrant, and justice oriented. And while there are unique challenges in Oakland, like most urban city-centers, we’re praying that God would be glorified as He draws a diverse people to Himself within this beautiful city.

City of Oakland

Population: 425,204

Median Age: 36.7

People in Poverty: 18.7%

Ethnic Diversity

  • 28.4 % Hispanic
  • 27% White
  • 22.9% African American
  • 15.4% Asian
  • 6.3% Other

Top Unchurched Cities in America

  • SF, SJ, & Oakland: 60%
  • Reno, NV: 59%
  • Springfield, MA: 57%
  • Boston, MA: 56%

Las Vegas, NV: 55%

Additional Info

What’s the Strategy?



Spring 2020 | Move to Oakland

Fall 2020 | Invest

Invest in learning our community. Start building relationships, offering hospitality and understanding the hopes, dreams and fears of the people of Oakland.

Winter 2021 | Recruit & Gather

Start recruiting and gathering a Start-Up Team; begin meeting in weekly prayer, training and outreach in Oakland.

Summer 2021 | Preview Services

Build momentum through monthly preview services.

Fall 2021 | Launch Weekly Service

Start gathering on a weekly basis for preaching, prayer and worship.

Support Raising

Raising 200K annually will support:

One pastor, additional staff, purchase start-up equipment, rental facilities and resources for community outreach, discipleship and future church planting.

Become a Financial Partner

Orchard Group

Join Our Team

  • Leading up to the Spring of 2021 we will build a Start-Up Team, serve the city, & start making disciples. If you’re interested in joining our gospel-work to reach the city of Oakland with the love and truth of Christ, we would love to stay connected.

Set-Up a Meeting